7 Reasons why Klaviyo is the best e-commerce email CRM out there. #2
Written by Jordan Lamb on Sep. 12th 2018

Klaviyo whats all the fuss about, well if you run an e-commerce brand you know how important automation is for a smooth operation.

Klaviyo has become the leader in e-commerce marketing used by some of the biggest brands out there.

We depend on Klaviyo day in and day out for our clients brands and our own brands the automaton, flows, triggers and customer data is absolutely on point when it comes to Klaviyo's CRM, especially when integrated with Shopify. 

Below is a screenshot of one of our brands, we only started using Klaviyo on this brand 1 month ago if we had used it from the start our revenue would be almost double.
Below are 7 reasons we think Klaviyo is the best email CRM for an e-commerce business:

1. Klaviyo Integrates with Shopify for seamless automation and triggers, sending emails based on an action a customer took on your website. As you can imagine this is seriously powerful in the customers online shopping experience.

2. Deliverability is a must for effective email advertising and Klaviyo has outstanding delivery rates. It goes without saying you still need to follow the best practises when sending email but Klaviyo helps improve this with their extensive tutorials and training and tips and tricks when creating email campaigns.

3. Email Flows these things are powerful and fully automated, we set up flows for post purchase, welcome flows, abandon carts, win back flows and more. Each flow can be set up to fire on certain conditions a customer has taken, product purchased or segment they have just been added to. 

4. Segments we love these things, you can set up segments based on a customers actions for example "Opened email but did not click or buy last 30 days". These segments will dynamically update depending on an action or purchase a customer made through your website.

5. Klaviyo also has a wide range of integrations one of our favorites is the Facebook integration, this will update custom audiences within your Facebook ads manager dynamically when associated with a Klaviyo flow or list. This is extremely powerful when trying to sell to segments such as abandon carts. Adding some abandon cart retargeting using the integration helps dramatically when trying to win back that customer that did not complete a purchase.     

6. Signup Form integration with Klaviyo is easy to install and customize. You can create pop-up signup forms, stagnant forms or offsite forms expanding your capacity for new leads and customers.

7. Klaviyo works dynamically with your store to add product feeds and coupons to your emails this saves time and is great when adding products directly to your email campaigns.

If your ready to add Klaviyo to your operation click the button below to open your new account.

Jordan Lamb & Oliver Lamb

Jordan & Oliver help people start and grow successful e-commerce businesses.  They are experts at helping people grow their e-commerce brands using online methods and making things super simple to understand.

If you're interested in starting your own e-commerce brand or scaling up your existing e-commerce brand then definitely reach out and see how they can help.
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