Shopify, AppTrends & Clickfunnels a match made in heaven for e-commerce store owners. #3
Written by Jordan Lamb on Oct. 6th 2018

AppTrends saw the potential and ran with it, the byproduct was something of beauty!

AppTrends & Shopify work in harmony but why exactly and what does it do....

AppTrends created a software tool that integrates with your Shopify store and Clickfunnels account using webhooks. Your orders are passed from Clickfunnels almost instantaneously then after you match and assign your products to your Shopify store they are then passed through to Shopify. 

Everyone knows that Clickfunnels is a great tool for getting leads and sales, but is not very efficient at managing them orders.  AppTrends gives you the chance to use the power of Clickfunnels to build your brand and the functionality and organization of Shopify to manage your backend operation with its own tools and many other tools provided through Shopifys 3rd party apps.

Jordan Lamb & Oliver Lamb

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