Why we use Clickfunnels in our e-commerce business. #1
Written by Jordan Lamb on Jun. 17th 2018

Clickfunnels is an extremely powerful and flexible tool used for a wide array of business's including coaching, courses and more common than ever e-commerce.

The strategy for using Clickfunnels within your e-commerce business is quite simple but often overlooked "Leads", "New Customers" and "Increasing AOV" if your e-commerce business is not generating a surplus of these on a daily basis the future of your brand is doomed . 

Although Clickfunnels wasn't originally designed with e-commerce in mind, there is now tools on the market that make it a seriously effective tool to add to your operation. 

We explain in our weekly trainings the best strategies and tactics we use in our own 7 figure e-commerce business's that help maintain sustainability within our brand.

Clickfunnels make it really easy and quick to test out and change features, copy and more, is very customizable and integrates with many 3rd party applications such as email tools and automation software.
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Jordan Lamb & Oliver Lamb

Jordan & Oliver help people start and grow successful e-commerce businesses.  They are experts at helping people grow their e-commerce brands using online methods and making things super simple to understand.

If you're interested in starting your own e-commerce brand or scaling up your existing e-commerce brand then definitely reach out and see how they can help.
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